Looking for a full rich clean and overdriven sound, such as the tones by Robben Ford or Joe Bonamassa? The Antarctica will satisfy your needs. It's a compact 100 Watt amplifier, capable of a wide variety of sounds.

It sports two channels: A cristal clear and dynamic clean channel, which is accompanied by a overdrive channel. Both channels share the equalizer, which also incorporates rock/jazz, midboost and bright switches. The output volume is tempered by a master volume, which allows the amp to sound great at any volume level.


Power: 100 Watts

Tubes: Power - 4x EL34, preamp - 3x 12AX7

Controls: On/Standby/Off, Presence, Master, Volume, Drive, Boost, Bass, Middle, Treble, Rock/Jazz, Mid boost, Bright, Volume

Extra Controls: Double speaker outputs, impedance switch for: 4, 8 and 16 Ω, buffered serial effects loop with pre- and post volume knobs (true bypassable)

Head cabinet:
Birch ply (12mm), in black tolex with salt and pepper grille. Custom colours at request

Optional cabinet: Ported 1x12, 2x10 or 2x12. Material: Birch ply (12mm or 15mm)

Speaker(s): WGS or Celestion





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